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    Updates and First Screenshots

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    Hello all CoS players,

    As you might know, we’ve been going through some crazy days recently, working on re-launching CoS: Arkadia, verifying large numbers of Welcome-Back-Pack requests and remaking the website and forums, etc. This week’s updates are as follows:

    Forum Avatars and Supporter Titles

    We mentioned last week that “Outside game supporter pack benefits, such as forum avatars and supporter titles are currently under discussion”, now the solution just came out: Forum avatars (Paragons only) and supporter titles will be restored on the new forum.

    About CoS: Arkadia

    Though City of Steam: Arkadia is still under development, the whole team is excited about what it will bring to all browser-gaming demographics in the west. Meanwhile, an easy-to-download (just megabytes) micro-client will also be available when CoS: Arkadia launches. Two choices, same experience, all up to you!

    Here are some screenshots to show you just how much we’ve changed to improve the experience. Because the website is not quite done yet, we thought the easiest thing to show via screenshot was the different level art that has replaced the old stuff.

    Delton Intro’s Burning House

    Stay tuned, there will be more updates on the official website soon.

    Compensation Packs

    We’ve been receiving a big chunk of emails in the past week; big thanks go to all returning players. However, we also noticed that for some reason the R2 Games CoS servers have become unstable and crashed twice in a week. Please log in and check relevant stats (capture an in-game screenshot) ASAP, we’ll try the best to respond and confirm as quick as possible.  For those who confirmed with us already, sit back and wait for your gift codes.
    Website and forum are almost there; we still need some time to test and get issues fixed. Keep watching www.cityofsteam.com for more updates next week.