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    Sneak Peek for New Features of v2.6

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    Hello all,

    We’re really thrilled to see City of Steam reaching more players after 2 new servers went live in East Coast USA and Amsterdam, Europe.

    Every single update is full of great effort the dev team has been working on—improvements, bugfixes, new content, stat tweaks, etc. We’ve been working hard to constantly offer a smooth playing experience from as many aspects as we can.

    Today I’d like to share 2 big features coming out in 2.6 (the team has been working on these features for some time). They are the long-expected Inter-server Wars and a brand new type of dungeon content called The Tower. Let’s take some first look:

    Reloaded PvP

    Inter-server PvP Wars will yield new types of enormous epic mounts like the Steam Griffon!

    The long-awaited Inter-server Wars is a type of cross-server PvP that the top 20 PvPers of each server will have a chance to compete in for some amazing prize (hustles and bustles). We have to limit the number of entrants from each server because the game is constantly expanding, so you might need to muscle your way to the front of the pack just to get your golden ticket. The competition will be wildly severe, but yield great rewards and giant, epic mounts that are not currently available anywhere else in the game.

    Tower of Peril

    Collect fragments from The Tower to get awesome SteamScorpion!

    Aimed at being infinitely challenging and satisfying the hardcore, high-level player’s bloodlust, the Tower will roll out ever-increasing peril and showers of loot. Players will be rewarded on how far they can climb, and may be able to reach check-points to save their progress. This brings a large expansion to the end-game that keeps things competitive even at the level cap.

    Other Updates

    As usual, a list of bugs will be dealt with as well in 2.6, which will make it a more stable and playable version. Some effort has gone into clarifying the text in many places, and some types of items have also been renamed for simplicity. Keep an eye on the official website for more updates, news and events. And enjoy the game!