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    CoS Going up on Steam (UPDATED)

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    Launching Date Settled

    Finally, the long-time promised steam client is ready to go up on Valve’s Steam platform, after over a month's preparations, we've confirmed that CoS: Arkadia will be available on Steam at 09:00, PST, March 6th, then 3 bundles following up at 10. Thank you for all players who backed us up during the Greenlight campaign.

    First Look of the Page

    The game store page is nearly done and we'd doing some last-minute polishing work. Screenshots picked from the competition just look gorgeous.

    As being mentioned in the Greenlight Bundles article, 3 Steam-exclusive bundles will launch on the Game Page, they are Purple Bundle, Orange Bundle and Solid Gold Bundle respectively. Each of them contains a set of amazing items that we believe Steam players will love!

    Going with the Steam client is the new version 2.4, it will bring in some really great content such as new level content (lvl 50-60), enhanced gaming experience, improved features, some restructured events etc.

    Once again, one million thanks go out to players who support this game for such long time. We’re looking forward to meeting you all on Steam!

    EDIT: All good to go on 6th!