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    Version 2.3 Update Notes

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    Hey everyone,

    Today's patch brought in revamped Company War and brand new systems like Cargo Delivery, Clock-in, etc, along with massive changes and bugfixes. First look at the new systems:

    (Cargo Delivery)



    •    Added brand new Company War system;
    •    Added Cargo Delivery system;
    •    Added new PvP modes (Peace, Team, Company and Free);
    •    Added Clock-in System;
    •    Added a new wilderness map named The Copperwaste in Arkadia. Players will get different buff based on character power. Boss drops orange and purple items, mobs drop crafting materials, collection items and trade goods.


    •    Now main quests in dungeons don’t cost Energy and challenge times have daily limits;
    •    Changed upgrade and smelt level of PvP equipment to 60, but can’t surpass character level;
    •    Now to create a company only costs 20,000 Shillings;
    •    Now the higher Boss HP becomes, the more Shillings players can get in World Boss event,;
    •    In Deathmatch, players who have kill streaks get debuff, those who have been killed in streak get buff,
    •    Hoard now has system message when every wave of slugs comes;
    •    Adjusted Heroic challenge rewards. Players can collect Orange Materials to get Orange Equipment Box which contains a random Orange item;
    •    Boss Gauntlet, Monster Lair and Challenge interfaces now have Recommended Power;
    •    Players can know their own registration status on Tourney interface now ;
    •    Adjust the way of summoning Pet. Pet will be summoned immediately once it’s equipped, and unsummoned when it’s unequipped;
    •    Now players can hide rewards and event icons;
    •    Now the setting of the Chat Window is saved.
    •    When Talent/Abilities don’t have enough points, Automatic will remain disabled;
    •    Balanced player abilities in PvP;
    •    Lowered abilities of level 18 boss Captain Genthus;
    •    Lowered abilities of level 25 bosses Sorvan, Tharik and Kalinor;
    •    Lowered difficulty of Boss Gauntlet, Monster Lair and Heroic Challenges;
    •    Non-subscription players can see current points via Subscription button tooltip;


    •    Fixed a bug where spaces might lose in chat;
    •    Fixed a bug where registration time displayed on Tourney interface was incorrect;
    •    Fixed a bug where Tourney interface blocked player’s inventory;
    •    Fixed a bug where one fullscreen option could not be seen when choosing fullscreen during loading;
    •    Fixed a bug Asynchronous PvP overlapped with other interfaces;
    •    Fixed a bug where the second potion wrongly started consuming even though previous one wasn’t used up;
    •    Fixed a bug where low-level main quest dungeons might not spawn mobs;
    •    Fixed a bug where Gunner’s ability Concussion Round dealt wrong damage when it’s rank 41;
    •    Fixed a bug where Ebonwax boss loot was not able to be picked;
    •    Fixed a bug where full backpack ceased hotkeys to be effective when fishing;
    •    Fixed a bug where some useless quest items are not droppable;
    •    Fixed some levels where characters might fall down to the underground;
    •    Fixed a bug where some mobs appeared outside of relevant maps;
    •    Corrected some Mercenary names.